Do you have a tiny room? Confused how to organize and maximize the tiny bedroom but not make it narrower? We know exactly the dilemma of the tiny room you’re facing. With good planning, it is not possible you can have a small room that comfortable and interesting. One of them can be started from folding beds or wallbeds. Want to know how to maximize the tiny room starting with a folding bed? Let’s read it through!

1. Folded Shoebox

With a small room that has wide limitations, it is important to maximize the use of space, let alone the bedroom. For that, you can use a folding bed in the form of a closet. The folding bed does not take up much space in your tiny room because if folded then this bed will stand like a closet, but without a place to store goods.

The folding bed is also equipped with a handle on the bottom for easy pulling the bed in the room. But, do not forget to consider the size of this folding bed before you buy it yes.

2. Foldable Beds Flanked by Cupboard on Both Sides

Speaking of folding bed type of closet, do you know if there is a design of a folding bed on either side there is a cupboard to store goods? If the first point discusses the crib-shaped folding bed with no place to store stuff, the folding bed on the second points combines the two. You can place and store small items while you are in the storage area on both sides.

With this folding bed, you do not have to buy other cabinets to store your favorite things. Very efficient for the tiny room you have, right?

3. Folded Beds That Accumulate into Bookshelves

Want to relax while reading a book? You can do it in your bed. For those of you who like to read books, now you do not need to have a lot of bookshelves in which can make your tiny room feels narrower. The solution, you can use a folding bed that has a bookshelf area as well.

You can choose a variety of folding bed designs that are also combined with bookshelves.