Quitting smoking is easy. Quite often, many are tempted to smoke after successfully living monthly to yearly without a cigarette. But this does not mean you are a total failure. Don’t also give in to temptation. Here are some ways to stop smoking forever, and not be tempted again to “just like that!”. Meanwhile, perhaps you also wan to try hypnosis to smoking alternative treatment method.

How to stop smoking once and for all, and be free from temptation

1. Know first what makes you want to go back to smoking

Many smokers are used to smoking to deal with stress. If this applies to you, your body has linked cigarettes as the only way to relieve stress.

This means that if someday if there are certain situations that cause stress after you stop smoking, the possibility of wanting to return to smoking will appear and be difficult to control. Even stopping smoking is often used as a scapegoat as a cause of stress. In fact, your stress will actually decrease when you stop smoking. Research shows that ex-smokers feel freer from stress than smokers.

2. Remember what made you stop smoking

If you start to falter and be tempted to smoke again, you must hurry back to remember what the reasons for you stopped smoking. Is that because health is declining, so you can’t exercise as intensely as you used to? Or because of worrying about the condition of parents, children, or wives, who are always exposed to your cigarette smoke first?

Remember, changes made on the basis of self-desire alone are the highest chance of success in the long run.

3. Avoid the trigger

Usually, smokers have certain times or situations that cause them to want to smoke. For example smoking after eating, or smoking while drinking coffee waiting for inspiration.

If these are things that easily trigger you back, then fill in the free time you normally use to smoke by doing other activities. If possible, avoid other smokers temporarily. Take, for example, separate from your smoker friends to walk after lunch, play games on cell phones, or wash dirty dishes immediately after eating.