Basically, the broker/securities only serve as an intermediary of stock trading transactions only. Given the government’s safeguard rule, if investors want to choose securities now, they can focus on services provided by securities. Looking for brokers, not just for opening account services in the beginning. When you transact shares, you need intense communication with the broker that serves your transaction. In the meantime, you may want to try the broker from Mira Capital Markets foros as well.

Here are some things that can be considered in choosing securities:

# 1 The broker is registered in the Exchange Members

Brokers are also known as securities brokers. A company with a broker profession must have a broker-dealer certificate, and be listed by the Nation’s Stock Exchange as a member of the stock exchange. Your broker is a representative of your securities company, therefore, you need to check whether your broker has WPPE certification (Broker-Dealer Representative)

# 2 Amount of Initial Deposit

The amount of initial deposit to invest shares varied. The amount of initial deposit varies any because there are securities that target the students, and there are also securities that target the executive. For your convenience, as much as possible look for securities that have deposit and withdrawal facilities quickly and easily.

# 3 Broker Transaction Commission

Commission broker transactions are fees paid by investors every time a transaction occurs either buy or sell. In general, the commission sold 0.1% larger than the commission to buy.

Average buying commissions for stock purchases range from 0.1% to 0.3%. As for the commission, selling ranged from 0.2% to 0.4%. Of course, investors look for the lowest commission possible but keep in mind, there are times when brokers with low commissions, also have a minimum commission limit per day, this can affect your daily strategy.

To get a low commission, usually, investors can negotiate with the broker. If funds are large enough, investors can earn low commissions. In addition, by investing in online trading systems, commission transactions are usually relatively low.