Having lived in the world should make us grateful. Many people out there who have very serious diseases survive to live, but many people who want to end his life just because it has a pretty heavy problem. If you feel that your problem that you face because of human activities that only make disappointed. You may forget that god is real and He has a great love for you. Unfortunately. The presence of God you often ignore even you think it does not exist. Is it difficult, to meet God to worship when you are enjoying all the grace of God?

Love for human beings often makes us forget to love God. Love for God is usually we put at the bottom of our lives. However, is not God’s love for man boundless?

Humans always hang their hopes on other human beings. This is the most misplaced decision man takes. They often believe in other human beings than their God. Perhaps, many people assume that humans will realize all their desires because humans can they see. However, do not they realize that God is watching them wherever they are? Do not they realize that every wish and prayer is only God who can grant? Perhaps, God is not visible, but the love, unfortunately, we need no doubt.

God never leaves us alone because He has a great love for us. God will always support us when we have big problems. Then, what about the human we always see? They can not even guarantee themselves when we have problems or when we need them. God is always there for those who are close and believe in the presence of God. You will never get disappointed if you rely on God because He has a promise and love that is very much for human and all his creations.