A capital market is commonly used by shareholders to make a profit, but unfortunately, some of them do not understand and are wrong in calculating their shama. an IC Markets will surely bring you the benefit if you use it very precisely and correctly.

However, usually for beginner shareholders and want to use IC Markets as a container to get a lot of profit, they instead make various mistakes that are fatal and difficult to repair. Some of the mistakes they usually make are

– Pursuing the Perfect Indicator
Many shareholders are eager to find the perfect index by reading super accurate signals. In fact, many of them are buying indicators that are considered perfect. This becomes a common mistake and is fatal. Why? Because, using many indicators, they will be very confused to determine which indicator is the most accurate. In fact, there is no perfect indicator, because the indicator setting is not a very accurate mathematical formula.

– The desire to master the market
Typically, shareholders always want to be a market leader. In fact, he did not pay attention to the market when it was in good condition or lethargic and unfriend. This ultimately makes shareholders, become a loser because their shares are in an improper hand. Pursuing profit and dominating the market is not something wise. Because, you must follow the market and not master it. Do not take action that would be self-defeating. When the stock is of high value, then immediately get your profit and not too long, it’s nice.

– Feelings Fear and Greed
Feelings of fear and greed are usually the most commonly experienced by shareholders. They will be afraid that their stock will go down and a sense of greed when stocks rise. However, you must realize that these two feelings will only make you lose and threaten the continuity of trading you have. then, minimize those two feelings because it will have a bad effect on you.