If you have an artificial heater in your house and want to make a cold hot shower, then prepare a special pipe to release hot water towards the water tap. This pipe is different from ordinary water. For cold water, just use a standard pipe. While finishing bathroom renovations in Perth, the shower installation must be something to keep in mind.

Also provide separate faucets for hot and cold water, because their use will later separate. Another benefit is as a substitute if one of the faucets is stuck, the other water channel can still be used.

Also, prepare two tap levers. One for hot water must be from metal to prevent it from melting when it gets hot water. For ordinary water enough to use plastic faucets. Also prepare a short flexible pipe, 25 or 30 cm long. Also, provide a 12 inch T iron pipe with a nipple at the end.

Before starting the plug, first turn off the source of water flow. At each end of the faucet that has drat, install seal tape or insulation first with a fairly thick layer. Install hot and cold faucets (if any) on a sock that has been installed on the bathroom wall.

Attach the metal T to one of the taps. Connect the flexible pipe at the two ends of the faucet stop, then rotate the Tipple pipe nipple tightly with the wrench. Do it carefully, with a clockwise rotation. Try to keep it tight so that the water doesn’t drip.

Then, attach the shower hose and the end of the shower. Also, install shower hangers on the bathroom wall. If the water output power is felt to be less heavy, this can occur because the Toren position or the source of the flow from the pipeline is too far from the hower. To increase water pressure, you can use a booster pump or booster pump.