Black magic causes someone feel so tired, and then there is no reason to appear, you also come to feel as if you are and obsolete, and you really cannot determine which feeling is coming from? Of course, in one way or another you have this experience. This is our work, psychic abilities naturally empathize.

Black magic will affect us spiritually because we are all born with innate psychic abilities to some degree. Yes, we have natural psychic abilities that allow us to feel the energy around us. However, not all vibrational energy on earth is good – like for example, they are negatives of emotions of despair, hatred, fear, and so on. Likewise, we all have a natural tendency to consciously transmit negative vibrations too. So now that we have been brought up that all beings on earth have natural psychic abilities to receive and send energy, you might reflect – Are there tools to manage this transmission from energy? Of course, there is. This method is called psychic protection.

Basically speaking, psychological protection is a psychic ability to protect yourself from the negative energy around you. Everyone has psychic abilities to protect themselves. The most popular method of protecting is the white light technique. In this technique, the energy field called “white light” is used to serve as a visible shield around you.

How to make a white light psychic shield for protection against black magic, Somewhere within you, is the psychic ability to create a psychic shield. Using white light for protection is not difficult to do. You only need to do this simple psychic daily exercise (either before going to bed, or the first thing when you wake up):

First put yourself in whatever position you feel most comfortable in. Breathe and are very slow to start releasing all your stresses and anxieties. Simple enough, to be the status of meditation.

Then, continue to visualize the white ball of light floating above you. You concentrate on the energy of the ball, visualizing the energy ball full of white light – strength, love and peace. Trying hard to provide inner psychic ability to experience this quality of ball energy.