Find the right partner for you, not only can you get in the real world because at this time in cyberspace you can find your real partner. There are so many chat room applications that allow you to find new friends, even couples, one of which you can find in MocoSpace. Well if you’ve found a matching match with each other then surely you who are in love will not want to far from your partner, right? Even when forced to far away, you’ll think about it all day and chat to keep you connected. For girls, your guy may be busy doing his work or college now, but you can still be in your guy’s mind.

Well, let your boys thinking of you too! How is it? You can chat with a chat-style that can make you think about you all day long. Here are 8 forms of chat!

1. “I dream about you evenly.”
No matter how busy your guy is, he’ll be smiling and not clear when you take this chat to him. Really!

2. “I wish you were here now.”
He is not just happy because you talk like this, but he will also think about you all day.

3. “I think about you since last night.”
Not just guys who can rag, girls can too! But the seduction should make sense and not contrived.

4. “I feel lucky to have you.”
By saying this, you have appreciated the presence of your guy who stays beside you under any circumstances. He would be proud if you said it like this.

5. “You make me feel better.”
He’ll think of you if you say a word that makes him happy like this.

6. “Because of you, I cannot stop smiling.”
Automatically, he will smile as you smile too. In essence, a good guy would be happy if his girl is happy.

Girls, do not need to sulk just to ask for thought, sending 8 chats like this can make your boyfriend think of you all day!