If the vehicle has been used for years or even dozens of years paint the car will be damaged. Damage to the paint can be a color that has faded, peeling or visible cracks. Of course, this reduces the beauty of the car itself. If this has happened, the solution is yes in repaint or re-paint. But in choosing this paint do not be careless because the paint has several types. Meanwhile, you can also go to Santa Ana Auto Body Shop if your car paint must be repaired by the experts of car exterior.

In choosing car paint to repaint know the type of paint. There are three types of paint that can be used to repaint the Cat Stoving, Cat Lacquer, Cat Urethane. Stoving paint is used in workshops that already use the oven. Because using the oven the result will be hard and durable. For that, if you choose to repaint the total should choose this type even though the price is quite expensive. The second type of Cat Lacquer is quite cheap but not so durable only around 1-2 years. You can choose this type if only repaint some / not all parts of the car. For the third type, the price is cheaper than paint stoving but still durable. The only difference is its level of resistance to scratches. So when you get an offer from a paint shop with a cheap price, you should first ask the type of paint used.

In addition to knowing the type of paint, other components such as thinner, hardener and anti-scratch coating or clear also need to be considered. You should use these three components that one brand and choose a quality even though the price is quite expensive. So in order not to be fooled by the paint shop with the lure of the cheap price, you should bring your own paint and other components. So you only pay the services of the course.