Coffee for some people is a drink that is always consumed every day. Many people feel addicted to the bitter and sweet taste of coffee. In fact, now you can buy coffee beans online to get high-quality coffee beans and according to your taste. Many people finally choose coffee beans carefully to get maximum results.

However, in consuming coffee, there are some rules that you should do in order to feel the pleasure of the right coffee. Some of the rules for drinking coffee that you can do are

– Choose the right cream
Maybe you like to use cream when drinking coffee. This is indeed not dangerous. But it should be noted, creams made from coconut milk are far better than those made from corn syrup. Coconut cream creams can also boost immunity.

– Don’t drink coffee while smoking
Many people combine coffee and cigarettes to be consumed together. In fact, a number of studies have shown that this can increase caffeine intake and trigger severe health problems. So, if you are a coffee lover, reduce smoking habits.

– Don’t consume instant coffee
Many people want to be instant, including drinking coffee. But, all the instant coffee circulating in the market usually contain so many sugar, it turns out that it contains too much cream, sugar, and other mixtures. Drinks with compositions like this can trigger a bad effect on health, one of which is hypertension.

– The best time to consume coffee is in the morning
Eating coffee in the morning can make stomach upset because caffeine stimulates and increases contractions in the intestine. So that the stool will come out faster than usual. So that digestion becomes smooth. However, make sure you have breakfast or eat something first. So the acid in your stomach won’t overdo it and make you uncomfortable.