There are many ways in which to attract such visits, especially by promoting websites, for example through advertising services, sharing social media, or blog walking that is exhausting. In addition, there is also an easier way to do, namely designing an SEO friendly website. With this SEO (Search Engine Optimization) trick, a website will more easily appear on the first page of search engines on the internet. Thus, when internet users search by entering a keyword, the search engine will immediately recommend the website. As a result, with an easy way to make SEO friendly website, the number of visits will continue to increase faster. There are many SEO services that can help you, including SEO Montreal. So, for those of you who still lay, SEO Montreal will help you.

Here are three easy-to-try tricks to create an SEO friendly website:

– Take advantage of header tags
Search engines are known to be more likely to like article content that has a header tag on a website. Moreover, if the header tag is also contained in the first paragraph and second article. In addition, use the header tags are much sought.

– Use sitemaps
The existence of a sitemaps feature on a website will provide a much better index on search engines. In fact, on a website based WordPress or Blogger though, also has provided a plugin that works just like the sitemaps.

– Maintain Keyword Density
Keywords are an important aspect of positioning your articles on search engines. Fewer keywords in the article will result in less ranking and keyword stuffing, but you also do not need to place too many keyword placements because it leads to over optimization of course, must be relevant, after you finish post, you can analyze the entire post to know the right position for the placement of keywords and of course without disturbing the reader in placement.