Acne is one of the disorders and also skin problems, not a few people who have bad habits when having acne precisely by squeezing the pimple or pimple pop. They assume that by squeezing the acne will accelerate the healing of acne, when in fact squeezing acne will actually further aggravate the condition of acne. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), acne can cause scarring. If you have acne, keep your hands away from the face because oil and dirt in the hands can make acne worse. In addition to causing scarring, squeezing acne also causes skin irritation and leave scars.

Here are some hazards and side effects after you squeeze pimples on your face:

Bleeding in the skin can occur due to squeezing or scratching the surface of acne. When the acne bleeds, clogged pores will open and susceptible leave bacteria and skin. The white blood cells will fight the attacking bacteria, the pores will come back clogged and inflamed. With the appearance of dried blood and swelling. The possibility of acne will appear more and more visible than before.

Skin Irritation
Squeezing and squeezing acne will only aggravate acne. Even if there is an improvement then it’s only temporary. As soon as squeezed pimples will reappear, often with redness or irritation. Even if you squeeze pimples and appear less clear, irritated and inflamed leave a mark that is longer than the acne itself.

The appearance of Acne is getting worse
Just like an infection when you squeeze pimples on your face then the germs and bacteria that come from your acne that has been squeezed and felt lost will spread to the area around your face. This will worsen the condition of acne on your face.

It may sound a bit excessive. But apparently, this is true can happen to anyone. There is an area on the face called the triangle of death, which is in the area around the nose because it contains important nerves. If you accidentally squeeze pimples in this section, and there is bleeding or infection, then the bad effect is death.