For those who have long been in the internet world would be no stranger to the term trading, be it forex trading and bitcoin. Trading or trading either through forex or bitcoin, in short, is a way to get results via the internet. There are many who do this work, ranging from professional to the so-called brokers, individuals who just want to know or try it. Most trading players get to know forex trading rather than bitcoin trading because bitcoin itself only appeared in 2009. The difference between forex trading with bitcoin is currency trading from different countries. An example of Forex trading is buying Euro or European currency while simultaneously selling USD. While Bitcoin virtual currency developed since 2009 by someone with the name of samara Satoshi Nakamoto is only available in the digital world, Bitcoin is stored into Bitcoin Wallet which will be used to send and receive bitcoin with varying shipping costs. When you already know the difference between the two then when you try to try, you better use the services of brokers for bitcoin trading like us who will handle your bitcoin well.

The new bitcoin is created by a process called “mining”. Miners use sophisticated computers to decipher complex mathematics to discover a new block of bitcoin as a gift the inventor will be rewarded with a number of bitcoins. The amount of bitcoin has been determined since it was created as much as 21 million Bitcoin. This restriction is in place to prevent inflation. Maybe if you first know the term trading because it is introduced bitcoin, then you will not get any difficulties, but if you are previously a forex treader may be confused when opening a Bitcoin trading site. Trade bitcoin is very different from forex trading because of the way trading even if it is different if from forex we know two terms that are long and short. Long is targeting price rises to get profit and short that is targeting the price down to get profit. While in bitcoin trading it is much more like buying and selling goods online is Buy and Sell. Buy means to actually buy goods such as bitcoin and Sell means actually sell goods in the form of bitcoin. So that the profit is simple only the selling price minus the purchase price.