When talking about virtual data rooms, another thing you should underline is that not every data room user is the same. The behavior of different users on the same program or software can vary tremendously since the individual working techniques, preferences and personalities have the direct impact on the users’ behavior. So who usually use data room virtually and what type of users are out there?

– The data room native

This data room users know the data room better than the back of their hand. Usually, the move through the document index in a confident way, which is also becoming their target. The colleagues often refer them as the nerds.

– The bookmarker

They love bookmarks in all shapes and colors. No report is without a sticky note or two, and the same is valid in the online information room: finding a page without a bookmark is for all intents and purposes outlandish.

– The mobile 24/7 user

Yes, this user type is at work when others are sleeping. They try to battle their way by benefiting the data room anytime and anywhere. They even take a quick look at the latest documents when getting tucked into the bed before going sleep. The worst thing that can happen to this user type is being stuck somewhere without the internet connection, which means they can’t access their own data room.

– DIY User

They usually accept the challenge and even work their way independently through each data room. Instead of the quires and data support, they love to conquer the mountain alone. Perhaps, you wonder to become the part of a DIY user. Does this sound like a good choice when it comes to joining and using data room for your needs?

Well, other types of data room users are the generous user, old-school user, the last minute users, and much more. You can learn how to distinguish each of them with your own way or by consulting with the professional you can trust.