In men, the hormone testosterone is the hormone that distinguishes it from women. in fact, the hormone is very large in the life of a man and can make it look more manly. Various studies show that the hormone can give effect to various things in the life of a man. If you are still looking for what testosterone does in men, then this article will help you find out about it.

Unfortunately, in men more than 30 years of age, the hormone will be reduced. This decline can happen drastically, especially for those who never exercise. There are several ways you can improve your hormones.

1. Consumption of fat
the fat referred to here is unsaturated fat. The fat plays a significant role in the increase of the hormone naturally. unsaturated fats can be found in foods such as avocado, almonds, various nuts, snow, chocolate and so on. Fat will still be needed oz body to produce testosterone hormone.

2. Consumption of natural food sources
In the foods you eat every day, there are some good foods consumed to increase testosterone levels such as shrimp, shellfish, almonds, strawberries and so on. Various foods contain zinc which can increase the hormone testosterone naturally.

3. Do not avoid cholesterol
Keep in mind that testosterone is obtained from cholesterol, so you should insert enough cholesterol for your body. But, the cholesterol that has consumed is good cholesterol. Some foods with a good source of cholesterol that you can consume are fat-free beef, eggs, cheese, and other foods. However, you also have to consume enough and not excessive.

4. Improve sleep quality
With good sleep quality, you not only make the body more relaxed, but also the body releases the hormone testosterone naturally to increase your muscle mass. Someone with a sleep of 7 to 7 hours a day at night, will experience increased production of the hormone testosterone in the morning.