It’s true that the gaming platforms these days are competing against each other to give the best graphics and performances for the gamers. The video games these days aren’t just about the gameplay itself, but it’s also about the way that it captivates the player’s heart and soul and immerse them into the game. Meanwhile, visit to find out more about the best gaming graphics cards.

One of the most important aspects of this matter is the graphics. Yes, the graphics are the one which gives the right feels for the gamers to escape from the real world for a little while. This allows them to enter a whole new reality with nearly limitless possibilities, and the realistic, high-end graphics bring the visualization of the AAA game to a whole new level, especially when it suits with the VR very well.

Unfortunately, with the recent unwanted incidents with the latest releases, there are so many gamers who have complained about the lack of content and immersions in the games that they’ve played, although the game themselves have nothing wrong with their outstanding graphics and frame rate per second.

As you can see in many video game reviews online, especially on YouTube, the “Sea of Thieves” has become one of the worst exclusives in the history of Xbox releases. It’s understandable that making such a game with a concept that similar to “No Man’s Sky” can be a huge challenge for its developer. However, it doesn’t mean that the gamers can accept a video game with only repetitive quests, ridiculously easy enemies, and also pointless PVP and exploration, all the while the game itself just offer the pretty graphics in its virtual world. Furthermore, this game is also priced fully at $60! So it’s obvious that even some gamers and reviewers are even called it “No Man’s Sea”.

So the point is, yes, Ultra High Graphics is truly important. Unfortunately, without the decent content, and also other appealing features, especially if there are too many restrictions and limitations, a video game will just be a mere tech demo without any value for it to be purchased and played by the players.