Ants are the most common insects we encounter anywhere. The presence of ants is actually not too disturbing, but these animals very often surround food on the dining table. As a result, not infrequently we often find ants or carcasses in the food to be consumed. However, you don’t need to worry because has various ways to repel ants so that ants don’t want to come back to your house.

1. Salt

Want to drive away ants but don’t have ant lime? Come on, just use the salt in your kitchen. Salt can actually make ants run away and not come again. How to get rid of ants in ceramics or other places by using salt begins by sprinkling salt in a corner of the room or in an ant nest.

You can also make an ant-repellent spray from salt water solution. Spray this brine solution in the ant nest or directly on the ant. If you don’t have salt, you can use powdered pepper.

2. Baby powder

Do ants make nests in the wardrobe? While you do not dare to use a solution of salt water or white vinegar for fear the aroma is attached to your clothes. Well, you don’t need to bother looking for ways to repel ants because you can use baby powder to repel ants that nest in the wardrobe.

The aroma of baby powder is also very friendly in the clothes stored in the closet. Simply sprinkle baby powder around the cupboard, ant nest, or ant entrance. Baby powder has the same benefits as ant lime.

3. Betel leaf

This natural ingredient is often used by people of old to chew in the mouth. In addition, betel leaves are also often used as a mixture of female sex organs cleaning products. However, who would have thought if betel leaves were also useful to repel ants?

Just like white vinegar, the aroma of betel leaves is very unpopular with ants. To remove the aroma of betel leaves, you only need to squeeze the leaves so the aroma comes out. Then, spread the already squeezed betel leaf in places that ants often visit.

Betel leaves can also be used to remove ants in rice.