Weight problems are often associated with women. To lose weight, women are willing to starve. Did you know that losing weight can actually be healthy? Based on research, as reported by Boldsky, reducing unwanted weight can extend life expectancy by up to two months for every extra kilo of weight they reduce. Do you go to www.conetxia.com when you are in the needs of using weight loss product?

Smoking and the properties associated with lung cancer also have a large impact which is considered to shorten the lifespan.What’s more, muscle versus fat and different variables related with diabetes additionally affect future.

certain lifestyle factors become strongly influenced by several genes which in turn affect people’s life expectancy, such as increased alcohol consumption and addiction. This was explained by the researchers in a paper published in the journal Nature Communications.

Weight loss also identified two new DNA differences that affect age. First, in genes that affect blood cholesterol levels and reduce age around eight months and second, genes associated with the immune system that add about half a year to life expectancy.

if you want to lose weight, there are some best ways. Mainly avoid processed foods that are rich in calories, fat, and added sugar and low in nutrients. Processed food is very addictive and makes people bored. All of these foods cause a person to be overweight. So if you want to lose weight, avoid processed foods.

Then drink lots of water. Drinking lots of water help a person get rid of toxins and reduce calorie intake. Make it a point to drink water before food so that it helps reduce calorie intake.

Avoid processed carbohydrates. These carbohydrates can be easily digested and this increases the risk of overeating. White rice, white flour, white bread, soda cakes, and candy are some of the main foods that contain refined carbohydrates. So, to lose weight is very important to avoid refined carbohydrates.