Now, many people choose to smoke for various reasons. Both men and women love the activities of smoking because of the various things that become their reason. They even know with certainty the existing Cigar Accessories Guide. Many women also choose smoking as an activity that can make them more relaxed and relaxed in the face of various problems that occur.

The number of female smokers sometimes does cause bad views about them. In fact, there are some people who think that female smokers are more at risk of various diseases than male smokers, is it true?

1. Risk of Heart Attack
Women who smoke have a 50 percent higher risk of having a heart attack compared with men. This is because there is an interaction between tobacco in a cigarette with estrogen hormone.

2. DNA damage
another fact that suggests that female smokers more susceptible to disease is because DNA in women cannot recover when damaged. Unlike men who have the ability to repair damaged DNA. in fact, one of the smoking affects is DNA damage that can cause various cancers.

3. Risk of Lung Cancer
The increased risk of death from smoking increases dramatically in women who smoke about 600 percent. Increased risk of lung cancer in women increased up to tenfold, whereas in men only doubled.
Human papillomavirus (HPV) virus infection that often occurs in women can also increase the risk of women who smoke with lung cancer is higher. However, in men there was no association between HPV virus and lung cancer incidence. Other studies have also mentioned that the hormone estrogen mentioned has an important role in the incidence of lung cancer in women. The study proves that estrogen therapy in menopausal women may increase the risk of lung cancer incidence.

Actually, smoking is harmful for both men and women, but it helps you to know this fact to better understand about it.