The assumption of people about the diet is to reduce the portion of food in order to lose weight. Reducing food here is often interpreted by the things mentioned below, but unfortunately, it actually hurt those who are dieting or weight loss does not go down. Although weight drops, it does not last long and in the near future, the weight will rise again. Or this event is often referred to as yo-yo diet.
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Well to reduce the severity that you do while on the diet, following some mistakes that are fatal to do when the diet. Here’s what!

Being hungry
If a lot of eating can gain weight, then with a small portion of food can lose weight. When the hunger has been felt, we will try to resist the hunger and then delayed eating. Though holding hunger to make a person’s metabolism decreased, so fat burning becomes inhibited, feel sluggish and less fit every day because it can also cause your energy to decline. Hunger is also a signal that the stomach is empty and blood sugar has to thin while the brain needs it. If it is continued, it will cause a person to feel dizzy. As with people who only 1 or 2 meals a day in order to lose weight. The recommended is to eat 5 to 6 times a day, 3 times for a normal meal, and 3 snacks to spur the metabolism.

Skip Breakfast
Whether intentional or because of no time, or not used to breakfast, good habits are often missed and often occur around us though breakfast is a meal that is very important for one’s body. When you sleep for 8 hours without nutrients, our bodies need nutritious intake at breakfast time, as well as our energy, needs to face our daily activities. By passing the breakfast time causes our body to be catabolic where the body will try to meet its energy needs by taking it from the muscle.

Reluctant to have dinner
It is true when we sleep, the body does not need as many calories as our body is active, especially carbohydrates. However, the body is in dire need of protein when you sleep, because it is the time when growth hormone works, repairing damaged cells in the body and the role of protein is very important here. Protein consumption should be ensured at dinner. It is recommended to consume protein about 2 to 3 hours before bedtime.