Adopting animals as pets is now a lot done by our society. Not only cats and dogs who become pet favorite, now we have many people who start cultivating ferrets in their homes. Known as a pest animal that often attacks chickens, it turns out this adorable ferret is a favorite pet. If you want to cultivate a ferret, give the following foods so your ferrets grow healthy and strong. For you who ask is cat food good for ferrets, you can visit our website to find the answer.

1. Bananas

Because the ferret is an omnivorous animal, then he also likes to stare at fruits. One of the fruits that become the ferret’s fondness is the banana fruit. Its soft texture will make it easier to digest in the ferret’s hull. For ferrets that are still 2 months old, should give soft-textured foods such as bananas. The content in bananas can boost the immune from the ferret itself.

2. Papaya

Like a banana with a soft texture, ripe papaya also has a fairly soft texture with a sweet taste. Many ferrets love papaya as a choice of fruits that often he ate. In giving the fruit to ferret, you better give at least 2 times a week to meet the necessary nutrients. Cut into small pieces of papaya and place in a container so the ferret can eat freely.

3. Rice

ferret is very fond of rice, especially rice that has been mixed with soy sauce. Nutrition in the rice will help the growth of ferret to be more optimal. In addition to mixed with soy sauce, you can also add chicken so that the ferret can eat with more voracious. Put the rice in a special plate for the ferret and let it eat by itself.

4. Baby Porridge

Baby porridge is not only intended for human infants only. Baby ferrets also love baby porridge. The nutrient content in the baby’s porridge is believed to help meet the ferret’s nutrients better. But you should not give this instant baby porridge too often because it can provide addictive effects. Always give a balanced diet to grow your ferret more optimally.