Dufan has become a tourist destination for many people because it provides many interesting games and must be enjoyed. One game that is never empty of visitors is arung jeram dufan. In the game, you will feel the adrenaline and the real sensation of riding the real arung jeram. You will be taken around with a current that looks very real harga tiket dufan ancol 2018.

In Dufan, there are many other things that you can enjoy with your family, even when you bring small children there. Many people are afraid to bring small children there because of the many rides that are very challenging to adrenaline. However, it turns out, there are many rides that can also be enjoyed by children. Usually, some of the rides that children often ride are

1. Dram playground
This ride is the biggest game for children in Indonesia. The area even reaches 900 m. The children’s playground is equipped with various facilities which are of course very much loved by young children. Some of the games that are there between Alin are a trampoline, wall climbing, futsal games, the pool, soft play toys, play panels, block puzzles, education toys, sliding rides and mini rides.

2. Ubanga Banga
For children who like cars, the ride of Dufan Ancol is very suitable for visiting. This game is actually almost the same as Baku Toki, it’s just that the cars are designed in such a way as to be safe for children.
Ubanga Banga is also equipped with safety so that when children crash into their cars, they will remain protected and will not be hurt. However, this game can only be climbed by children with a minimum height of 125 cm.

For those of you who bring small children, then, the two games above can be your choice to be able to enjoy the game in Dufan. You don’t need to worry anymore when they can’t enjoy the game because there are many rides they can enjoy. so, Dufan is indeed a tourist destination that you can really enjoy with your family.