You must know wall decoration. Yes, that’s wall art. If you do a lot of surfing on the internet and visiting commercial sites, such as Pottery Barn, Wallmart, and others, you will certainly find many terms of this living room wall art. Wall art means a decorative element on the wall that will add value from a two-dimensional object or a three-dimensional object.

Frames are like borders on camera lenses that help our view to be focused on an object you want to highlight. Frames are of course closely related to a two-dimensional object or three-dimensional function as a decorative element.

– Matboard
It is a thick cardboard mounted around the image in any desired width size. A medium to be framed without the use of a matboard will attach to the inner glass surface, making it easy to damp and easily moldy due to changes in glass temperature. The matboard provides the distance between the glass and the media so it will avoid the damage and become more beautiful because of the three-dimensional effect it produces.

– Linen
It is a deep frame of wood coated with a kind of canvas fabric. Its function is similar to a matboard, usually used to frame paintings without glass.

– Spanram
The frame of raw wood to spread and hold the canvas of painting before being mounted to the frame.

– Glass
The glass is installed as a cover layer on top of the media to be durable and not easily dirty or moist.

– Strap/wire hanger
The rope/wire is mounted on the back of the frame so it can be hung on the wall.

– Hook
Is a hook mounted on the back of the frame if you want to hang a frame without a rope, or as a place to fasten the rope behind the frame.

– Paper Tape
Masking tape mounted on the back of the frame to be airtight.

– Backing
The back cover of the frame, usually made of plywood or soft board.

– Leg frame
Wooden frame mounted on the back of the frame so that the frame can be placed standing on the table.