Nothing could ever be the sole cause of an affair. The affair happens is the culmination of the various problems that accumulate in the relationship. So, there is always the possibility that his own partner is also a factor in why the affair happens. If this has happened, some people ultimately decide to divorce. If you wish to undergo a divorce process, you may contact us through


Behind the affair may have your faults or other things that he did not reveal. If you’ve ever had an affair or been a cheating party, you must understand the “other things”. Learning from various cases of infidelity, it helps if all the couples evaluate each other for the error does not occur in the relationship, especially in marriage.

1. Inner Needs Not Fulfilled

The inner need is not just about the sexual life, but also the happiness that comes from everyday life. For example, the attention, the expression of affection, feelings of respect, and the like. This inner need has nothing to do with the matter at all. It can be said that even matter will not be able to cover the absence of inner happiness.

2. Relationship Less Intimate

The pressures in the household often make couples forget to keep the warmth of love between them. In fact, couples can not just rely on the bursts of love that existed at the beginning of the relationship. Love it takes care to keep alive and grow over time. The lack of intimacy in couples can encourage the desire to cheat. Especially if you’ve found a figure who can give him an intimate feeling.

3. Feeling Not Appreciated

Not heard, not given the opportunity to argue, give consideration before making big decisions in the household, and it kind of makes someone feels unappreciated. If you feel unappreciated, he will feel no place in the relationship. Logically, if not given a “place” in the relationship yes naturally he is looking for another place, right?