Smoothies that become an option for those who live on a diet must be highly sought after. For those who want to make their own smoothies at home, definitely, have the right blender also to produce good smoothies. And if you are still confused about choosing the right blender, then you need to read the review of some blender brands on and find the best green smoothie blenders to produce good smoothies.

However, some people argue that smoothies are not good for the body and health, some of these reasons because smoothies make a person meaning more calories and sugar that can exceed the sugar content in a can of soda. However, there are still some people who argue that smoothies are good for health because they have high doses of vitamins and contain lots of minerals. Fiber content is also present in this drink and can slow the absorption of sugar and will not raise blood sugar like juice.

However, from the negative side owned by smoothies, in fact, it can be overcome by choosing the recipe and appropriate raw materials. The right size for choosing bauxite for smoothies is 70 percent vegetables and 30 percent fruit. You do not need to add too much sugar to smoothies that you make has a lot of healthy fruits for the body. Sugar content that is too much just kana not good for your health and blood sugar. So make sure the basic ingredients of smoothies you make come from natural ingredients and not too many chemicals, sugar, and ice. Added ice can also damage the content of smoothies you make because it will have a texture that is not thick and reduce the benefits of fruits and vegetables contained in it.