Technological advances are also very influential on human sex life today. Condoms that used to be only considered as a contraceptive, now also can be used as a support tool to make the experience of making love more memorable. In addition to condoms with variants of aroma/taste, there are also condoms with a variant of features that can provide the excitement of love experiences for you and your partner. Apparently, you can guess the character of the husband of his favorite type of condom. Ultra Thin: The Naturalist; Ultra Thin condom fan is a natural-oriented person, very fond of outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, hiking, and various other outdoor sports. They are unpretentious, yet very open, and do not like to be limited.

Ultra Safe: The Controller; UltraSafe is a condom with extra lubricant, which can provide more comfort when connected. Ultra Safe enthusiasts tend to have better self-control and like taking command. They have a high level of security, calculative and not too risk-taking. Extreme: The Adventurer; Extreme condom lovers are adventurous and happy to take risks. Like all the all-in-one features contained in the Extreme condom variant, they love adrenaline-like activity such as extreme camping, bungee jumping, and other extreme hobbies.

Neon: The Flashy; Neon condom fans or glow in the dark are generally attention seekers. They have a high level of confidence, self-centered, and trying to make the moments of lovemaking is always fun and playful. Earthquake: The Reliable; Husband including condom lovers vibrator? Well, he is a true seeker and a person who appreciates the process. In addition, the nature that always puts the interests of others makes it a reliable person. Indeed many people assume when a marital relationship, using contraceptives such as condoms reduce pleasure while having sex. There is a barrier between the vital organs of men and women in order to protect the incidence of sexual diseases, as well as prevention of sexual disease transmission. So using condoms has many benefits.