Now, internet marketing is a mainstay for some people who own a business, especially if the business has a personal blog. One of the internet marketing that many people use is SEO. With the right SEO, then the goal to increase website traffic will run perfectly. One of the SEO companies that many people choose is SEO Cherry.

However, SEO would not be able to run smoothly if not supported by various things that can improve it. One that can support SEO is the website itself. Good SEO would be a very happy thing, but if the website is not good, then SEO will run badly. So, before creating a website, you need to know some of these references.

– Proper Design
The first thing before you decide the design for your website is to determine the right design. You should be able to study the design and choose the most appropriate for you. Instead, you search for references in advance to determine which designs fit the topic you will discuss on your blog or website. Remember that each of those appearing on the website should match your website.

– Function
In designing the blog, you also have to pay attention to various widgets, such as a call to action, links that appear and anything that appears on the website. think about whether the widget is useful for visitors and what visitors will feel when viewing your website. Everything that appears on the website must have a benefit value for visitors who enter into the website.

– Navigation
As referrals and directions within the website web, then make easy navigation on your website. If your web design is good enough, visitors may not like your website because of poor navigation. An easy example of navigation for a website is to create the main menu, install breadcrumb, page number and sitemap. This way, visitors do not feel confused while visiting your website.