Many people who choose roofing materials that are not good, this can cause leaks on your roof. then, you have to choose the right roofing material. You can use the services of a roofing company in birmingham so you can get the right installation and quality roofing materials.

The roof has various materials that you can choose. You have to choose the right roofing material. There are several roofing materials that you can choose.

Clay Material
Many people have been familiar with clay for a long time. Manufacture through press and combustion processes. Although the production is somewhat complicated, there are many tile makers of this type in Indonesia. Common color choices are usually orange to dark colors.
– Prices are relatively cheap
– Durable, fire resistant and requires only a little repair
– Strong and can be stepped on
– There is an interlock system (interlocking or binding)

Asphalt Material
Materials for making roofs of this type are fiberglass and asphalt coated with minerals. Including selling in the market with two models, wavy and flat. The corrugated model only needs to be screwed while the flat model needs to be attached to the multiplex screwed in the frame.
– Light & practical in installation
– Fireproof and quite windproof
– Can be used on the roof sloping up to 90 °
– Anti-mildew and fade
– Many color choices

Ceramic Material
Ceramic roof with glazing finishing is also a best-selling tile on the market. Especially with the rise of modern-style homes with shades of Italian or Spanish. This type of tile is very suitable to be installed on the balcony.
– Durable, fire resistant and only requires a little maintenance
– Made from natural so eco-friendly
– There is an interlock system (interlocking or binding)