Who does not want to have beautiful hair and charming? Both men and women, hair crowns in the head. An increasingly modern age lets you do anything to your hair. You can color it, cut it, make it long, make your hair look shiny. Hair becomes an attraction for people. If you have healthy and well-groomed hair or hair with a unique color, others will be attracted to your hair. But what if you experience baldness? Baldness does not know the gender. Men and women can experience premature baldness. Profollica comes provide a solution for men who experience baldness and difficult to regenerate it. Profollica results have been proven by many people and become a belief for those who experience baldness.

Actually, what causes a person to experience baldness? Some say that breeds are the strongest factor for men and women who experience baldness. In addition to heredity, hormonal changes can also be a factor of a person experiencing baldness. Changes or hormonal imbalances can cause you to experience hair loss and can further lead to hair baldness. One of the hormones associated with hair growth is the hormone androgen or male sex hormones. One of the functions of androgen hormone is to regulate hair growth. Research shows that male pattern baldness is associated with androgen hormones.

In women, androgen hormone changes usually occur after menopause, which can cause baldness. However, some experts say that it is not directly related. In addition to menopause, hormonal changes in women can also occur during pregnancy and birth. At the time of pregnancy and birth, women usually also experience hair loss. In addition, some hormones are affected by the thyroid gland so problems with the thyroid gland can also cause hair loss. Especially if affected by stress, usually hair loss will be more.