When it comes to choosing the restaurant to enjoy your favorite menu or to try new menu, you may consider Waffle House prices. However, the price is not the single consideration factor. When you already make the decision to eat the waffle, then you can follow these tips.

1. Check Symbol in Menu Book

The first tip, when you first handed the menu direct search for star symbols, chef hats, thumbs, or whatever it is a symbol of favorite foods or recommended in the restaurant. Each restaurant has at least 2-3 signature dish that became their mainstay. Let not choose wrong, you can directly rely on chef selection to serve their best food. If the food is not good or less popular, of course, they will not include this symbol in the menu book, right?

2. Watch Photos

Choosing a food menu that does not display the picture is always a big risk. Often the menu that comes out does not match what we imagine. Well, then you expect but the edges are in the same restaurant, you better choose the food menu that there is a picture. Somehow, you should remember if the photo is always better than the presentation. So usually the portion and presentation are not exactly like the one in the photo. But at least, photos can give you a picture of what the food will be brought to your table later.

3. Order Meals In accordance with Restaurant Type

Well, this is also so important thing to be considered. If you eat at Arabic restaurant, do not order fried rice even though it is available in menu book. If you eat at a westernized cafe, well do not order chicken noodles. After all, it is certain that the chef is more of a food cook expert in accordance with his restaurant title.