White is often used as an elegant house paint color in a simple minimalist house or various types of houses. Not only as a wall, but white is popular as the color of home ceramics. However, the main problem when using the floor in white is if the stain has stuck to the floor. Using a white floor will cause anxiety the stain will soothe the floor so that the house looks dirty and not clean. Especially if you find stains that are difficult to clean or too much. You might need tile cleaning Northern Beaches to clean it.


But you don’t worry, you can still help keep the quality of the floor white and shiny. Here we provide a simple trick to maintain your floor:

– Use a high absorbent cloth.
If you want to clean the floor after mop, make sure you use a cloth that has high absorption. This is so that the drying process can take place quickly. Also, make sure to use a clean cloth.

– Use a soft cleaning tool.
Often we don’t pay too much attention to the materials or materials used for cleaning tools at home. In fact, this is very important to maintain the durability of the house’s ceramic floor. Therefore, choose a gentle cleaning tool and do not choose abrasive ones. If you already bought it, make sure you use it carefully and not too rough so as not to cause friction on the floor.

– Check the floor cleaner to use.
Using a floor cleaner to mop is a natural thing to do. However, avoid using high acid content in it. Because high acid can cause glazing on the ceramic layer to slowly erode. Where later, ceramics will not shine as usual and look duller.

Those are three simple tricks to keep your home floor white and shiny. By maintaining the cleanliness of your home floor, your family and people around you will still feel comfortable to relax and do activities.

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