To migrant enthusiasts to Australia, migration laws in Australia are increasingly complex with alternating policies and procedures. What puzzles and feels uncertain for many potential applicants is a large number of visas available, complex procedures/documents that must be met (especially for business migration) and difficult requirements. Also costly Australian government processes (for some types of visas) and length of decisions from the Immigration Department. For all these reasons, it is crucial for potential enthusiasts to seek professional advisers and counselors to avoid applications that try to make your Australian Migration plan smooth. All recorded migration agents must meet the qualification requirements to be registered, including knowledge of Migration Australia law and procedures and have good character and ethics and are governed by the Migration Agent Code of Conduct.

There are over 95 types of visas available and over 3,000 pages of laws. Migration Services cover all categories of individuals, and for businesses of all sizes and employment agencies. We can also grant assistance to migration agents with a single practice both in Australia and abroad. In addition to migration applications, authorized migration agents can assist with migration review to Courts as well as legal issues that may arise when relocating to Australia, such as rent or purchase of a home or business. In communications, any official migration agent usually coordinates all communications with the Immigration and Border Protection Department (DIBP) on behalf of the client and handling their Visa Application. This allows fast and effective information and allows us to hold the client informed at all times. Most people or official migration agencies prefer to communicate electronically.

If you apply for a permanent visa (except for a Resident Return Visa or permanent resident), or you are one of the families applying for this visa, you should perform a medical, x-ray test (if you are 11 years of age or older) if you are 15 years of age or older).