If you have an online store or an eCommerce portal, one of the challenges in your business is how to deliver products to the consumer in a timely, flawless manner effectively and efficiently. Often logistics becomes a pain point in the online business world. Especially at special times such as annual campaigns or promotions, where online shopping volumes are at their highest point, fulfilling customer orders effectively and efficiently is a challenge that must be met. ECommerce actors as a whole from the consumer shopping experience. Logistics is more than just delivering goods to consumers. The term logistics covers a much broader aspect such as warehousing, inventory management, billing, packaging, labeling, shipping, cash on delivery, payment, and much more. Challenges in the logistics side vary from how to ensure products are in accordance with the wishes of consumers in a timely manner, minimize to eliminate the possibility of product defects, to the provision of reverse logistics. Reverse logistics is required when consumers request product returns for damage or if they want to redeem types, sizes, product colors, and other things. The selection of logistics services cannot be done arbitrarily, there are certain considerations you should prepare. You should prioritize the appearance of logistics services very well like El Mar Logistics.

El Mar Logistics is not an ordinary logistics service, but has more than 40 years of experience in freight forwarding and meeting the needs of business people in different parts of the world. Technology is also increasingly being used for ease of logistics monitoring. Various media such as emails, newsletters, social media, advertisements, short messages, and telephones are used to communicate with consumers and notify current information about the status of their order delivery. Another thing to note is, in the world of online shopping, the introductory staff is one point that directly relates to consumers which indirectly is the face of the brand they dispatched. It is important for eCommerce players to intensively control their delivery staff to be professional, friendly, and helpful to consumers. In countries with rapidly growing eCommerce trends such as Singapore and Indonesia, logistics is increasingly becoming a crucial backbone for market development because if consumers do not get their products quickly, cheaply and reliably, the business will not grow.