For all mothers, maybe a knife becomes one of the must-have items that must always be in their kitchen. For that, usually, they will choose the type of knife is good and in accordance with what they need. One of the knives they usually use is chef’s knife. This knife is usually used by chefs for cooking. For that, many mothers who finally choose best chef knives to be used in their kitchen.

In addition, the type, there are several types of knives that are usually used by the chef in their kitchen. Some of these types are

1. Slicing Knife
Compared to chef’s knife, this slicing knife has a long, tapered shape. This type of kitchen knife is more useful for slicing meat or fish are super thin because it has a sharper blade. If according to a famous chef like Gordon Ramsay, the key to skinning fish and meat is to use a flexible sharp knife. That’s why you also need a time-slicing knife kitchen knife for your kitchen. In addition, this type of kitchen knife can also be used to slice other ingredients such as onions, tomatoes, cucumbers or peel the skin off the fruit.

2. Utility Knife
When you see a glimpse of the eye, you must be difficult to distinguish between Utility Knifedengan Chef’s knife. Because both types of kitchen knives almost have similar shapes. In terms of size too, this type of kitchen knife is smaller than Chef’s knife. In the world of cooking, the utility knife is a type of kitchen knife that is often used by reliable chefs. This type of knife can be used for any piece that is not too difficult and up to a difficult level.

3. Paring Knife
The size is only about 5-10 cm only and smaller than other types of kitchen knives. In one look, you can easily distinguish between pairing knife from others. This type of knife can be used to peel fruit, cut vegetables, and separate shrimp skin. Uniquely, this type of kitchen knife can also be used to decorate food.