Do you think about matrimony? It is not something easy to deal with. In fact, there is always the divorce case happens although the couple starts their marriage with love. In addition to seeking the best mate, the following are other things you should keep in mind when searching for the best one.

Know the habits

Everyone has habits because they are born and raised in different families and environments and traditions. Some have a positive habit, but not a few also have a negative habit. Therefore, you must know well what are the habits of your prospective partner, once again if he has a bad habit, then as much as possible you should not be blinded by love. Perhaps at the beginning of the introduction, you can still tolerate the bad habits, but if it remains to do until you both get married and not yet lost, then your love slowly to him can fade and die even turned into hatred.

Know his character and his personality well

In choosing your spouse to be selective, it does not mean advising you to be a voter, but to be careful not to get a cat in a sack. Being a voter also does no harm because this is for your happiness both ahead of him. Therefore, the most important thing you need to see in finding a potential spouse is about his character and personality. Make sure always that your spouse has good character and personality and has good manners and character. Know that the happiness of your family will one day be always maintained if you can find a potential partner like this.

Jobs and income

Do not be naive, to stay alive and happy not only need love. Know that, economic difficulties are often a major factor in the breakdown of a relationship. Love that once burned for long can fade and end with hate each other and quarrel when it is related to economic difficulties. Therefore, before finding a candidate you feel is right to be your companion, pay attention to the work factor. It is better if both work together because in this way will make your income source is increasing.