Talk about the problem of locking this door to your child. In order to understand the importance of this good habit, give an example of what happens if you forget to do it, without scaring it too much. Telling stories that are too scary makes the child become paranoid. Make sure this conversation is understood by asking him to repeat the conclusions that have been discussed. Don’t hesitate to make him bored by constantly reminding him so that your words continue to stick to his mind. On the other hand, you can call locksmith company in DC NW if there’s a problem with your door lock.

Make a Firm Regulation

Make a rule to lock the door after leaving and apply for each family member, not least the child. Remind if someone violates the rule. If your child keeps repeating, give penalties that are not too heavy, such as sweeping the front yard, wiping the table, or cleaning the window.

Get used to checking again

Sometimes because of a hurry, often the little one forgets to lock the door. Get used to checking twice for home security. Give him an example of what needs to be re-examined, for example, the door is completely closed, the key has been removed from the hole, and stored in a fixed place so as not to forget or confuse looking for it.

Make a Reminder

So that your little one won’t forget easily, put a reminder in the form of a poster or cute sticker attached to the door. Use funny pictures, short commands, and simple to quickly understand and do. Can also use a device that emits certain sounds when the door is opened or closed as an effective reminder.

Don’t Just Open the Door

If you really have to leave your little one at home, remind him to lock the doors and windows from the inside and do not open the door for strangers. Many home robbery cases occur because people inside the house allow foreigners to enter for various reasons. If you are waiting for someone or an item, leave a message to the child.