Making wedding photos via mobile phone camera is a challenge. Moreover, mobile cameras have limited features compared to DLSR cameras. But the camera phone also has some advantages such as easier in operation and you are also more mobile than using a DSLR camera that has a heavier weight of course. However, if you do not want to be bothered with it, you can visit Paulmac Wedding Photography.

In addition to the many applications of the image on the phone is also very helpful for you so you can directly maximize the results of the wedding photos you take. For those of you who are interested in making wedding photos with camera phone following tips:

– Select a phone with a supported camera resolution
This point is very influential on the results of your photos, therefore, try to use a phone that is at least 5 MP resolution. The existence of the flash is also very supportive especially if you take photos in low light conditions. Select also a phone that has a fairly complete camera features such as auto-focus feature, Image Stabilization or panorama. In addition, the camera lens and sensor owned also quite a role and affect the quality of the resulting image.

– Battery power
This becomes a pretty vital point if you use a camera phone to make wedding photos. Of course not funny when you’re cool to take photos suddenly your phone run out of battery. Therefore be sure to bring a charger and a spare battery. Do not forget to charge your phone to full so you do not quickly run out of battery power. You can also consider using a phone with a qualified battery power.

– Take advantage of photo processing applications
Currently, many photo processing applications are outstanding. You can choose a photo processing application to sweeten the results of wedding photos that you take. One of the image processing application is good enough Instagram which has many options for processing photos. You can also take advantage of other applications such as Camera 360 which can manage exposure, straightening, and cropping.