By using smartphones, production costs are expected to be more affordable. In addition, with smartphone users can perform all the process of making movies, from recording to editing. There are so many kinds of the online film festival that allow people to use a smartphone in order to support their creativity.


Therefore, here we give you four easy steps for those interested in making movies with smartphones:

1. Select Smartphone

To record a video with good quality, of course, the first thing to note is the smartphone used. Therefore, it takes a smartphone that has good video camera quality.

2. Additional Accessories

Like making a movie with a professional camera, making movies with a smartphone camera also needs to be supported by some additional accessories. Some of the accessories that are usually required to support the filmmakers include lenses, tripods, and microphones.

Everything is used to support better movie results and get better video quality. Some recommendations for voice recorder accessories, one of which iRig PRE. These accessories are useful for connecting the microphone directly to your smartphone. Thus, you are not worried about synchronizing with external recording audio.

3. Edit Live Movies from Smartphones

After all the recording process is complete, the last thing you usually do is edit the recording video. Most of the video editing process uses software that is on PC or laptop.

However, for those of you who do not want to bother moving the recording video to a laptop or PC can directly edit it through a smartphone. Because now, there are many video editing applications that have full features like software on a PC or laptop.

For example, iOS users can use the Pinnacle Studio app to merge videos, add effects, including adding soundtracks.

4. Continue to Practice

Although it sounds cliche, the term practice makes perfect also applies to making movies with smartphones. Because it is very unlikely to become an expert in one trial. Therefore, for those of you who are interested in making movies with smartphones should continue to practice and get used to.

One of the important suggestions for making movies with smartphones is to customize the story with the equipment and equipment they have. Start by writing a short storyboard and a list of scenes to do as well as minimal production elements.