rat are one type of rodent, these animals live in a humid environment or a lot of water. So it’s no wonder that rats can be found or live in gutters, attics, cabinets, pipes, bushes, trees, kitchens and warehouses. Almost in every house, there is a mouse animal, this makes the occupants of the house became furious. Because rats are very dirty or dirty, so if there is a mouse in the house it will certainly make the house dirty and uncomfortable again. To help you get away from this problem, you can visit mouse exterminator in Surrey BC.

Various ways to get rid of rat done by many people so that this animal is lost from home. But to drive rats is not easy because these rodents are clever and very knowing what traps can kill them. There are various ways of repelling rat, either naturally with simple tools or using traps like traps or by using poison. Here are some ways you can get rid of rats from your home:

– Keep the cat

How to get rid of another powerful mouse is to keep a cat. Surely there already know that the enemy of the cat is a mouse. With a cat in your house is possible if the mouse goes from your house because only by hearing the sound of the cat alone, the rat would be scared and leave.

– Using detergent

Using detergents to repel rat, is one way to drive a powerful mouse. The trick is very easy, just by dissolving the detergent by adding chili sauce. Spray the mixture at the corner of the room that is often passed by rats. If the rat passes through this fluid then it will feel hot, so the rat do not dare to come again. Or you hunt a mouse and then spray the liquid directly on the mouse, this will make the mouse go away from your house.

– Catch the mouse then color it

How to color this mouse is a way to drive a unique mouse. The trick is to catch one mouse, then color it with a bright color, like yellow, red, pink or other. Then remove the colored rats to get the mouse back home and meet the group. By the time the rat meets his group, the other rat will feel scared and then go apart from each other and will even go away from your home.