Along with the development of the world of tourism, it is not only culinary tourism that shows significant development but with the opening of other natural attractions, tourism will never die. One tourism that is being developed is marine tourism, marine tourism where tourists can interact directly with marine biota. There are many kinds of marine tourism, there are planting coral reefs, snorkeling, and the most recent is swimming with whale sharks. Marine tourism is indeed incomplete without swimming in the high seas, it will be a pleasure to see coral reefs directly and be able to feel swimming with marine biotas such as jellyfish or even Nemo fish. Obviously, tourism like this will not be forgotten.

Well, unfortunately, the joy of marine tourism is often an unexpected accident, such as the mass attack by sea predators. Therefore, marine tourism is recommended to be accompanied by a professional to keep this tour safe from the beginning to the end. Usually, the most common cases are sharks with humans, the chronology refers to the proximity of sharks swimming near humans and humans who make surprising movements so that sharks give natural reactions as predators. Well, this kind of thing should be avoided if you do marine tourism. The only reason why sharks attack humans at that time is the possibility of unbalanced marine ecosystems, so the unavailability of food in the ocean is the key where shark attacks often surface.

Some tricks that can be applied when you do maritime tours to avoid being attacked by sharks are to make sure in this tour, you are accompanied by a professional, a guide who has experience in the sea and knows sharks. Then if you swim outside it should be crowded, because naturally instincts, sharks prefer to prey on victims who are seen swimming alone. Also, make sure the area you are going to go to is to do maritime tourism instead of marine predatory habitat that is looking for food. This is important because you have to save yourself.