Dog owners are sometimes confronted with some elaborate choices when choosing a lead rope for dogs. This is because of the choice, from nylon rope, chain, cotton or leather dog leash. Then the long selection of rope guides is also confusing for the owners.

Here are the types of strings that are differentiated based on the material, among others:

a product that was successfully created by a chemical company, nylon is a product that is durable, inexpensive, washable and colorful. This is a product that is in great demand by fashion lovers as they can customize the color of their dog’s lead strap to be the same color as the dog’s necklace or even the color of their dog’s fur.

skincare is often chosen because it is durable and strong, the leather guideline is more artistic and full of touch that can not be compared to a guided rope made from other materials. Oil derived from your hands will soften the skin when touching so that leash guides are very comfortable for the handheld.

most dog owners choose a wrist strap that is woven from cotton yarn as it can easily be washed and soft in hand. This type of guiding strap is also widely used to train dogs when they are called. When your dog does not come when his name is called, you can pull him slowly with this cotton rope.

chain-based leads are used for dogs that often chew their ropes. This chain is very diverse weight and length, so it can be adjusted with small dogs and large dogs. The chain-guiding straps on the handle are made of nylon or leather making it comfortable for handhelds.

Whichever type of guide strap you choose for your dog, make sure that the clip that connects the rope with your dog necklace is strong enough, even though your dog is a very active dog and tugs at the rope. In addition to color, this type of rope should also be tailored to the type and size of your dog.