Search engines classmates Google and Bing also include website loading speed in their search engine algorithms.

Imagine what would happen if the website you are visiting has a long loading time, so it is more likely that website visitors will cancel their intention to enter the website and your chances of getting new customers will be lost. There are many ways to speed up your website’s loading time, some of which are;

Using the plug-ins you really need to manage the website and remove plug-ins that you don’t need
Cache for your website
Optimize images on the website by reducing image size
Use your website keywords as alt image tags.
and much more.

These things help speed up the loading of your website and help search engines to know the relevance of images on your website to what searchers typify in search engines.

Who wants to get 404 pages or forbidden pages when searching the internet? What will you do if you can’t access a website page? Of course, you will immediately exit the website.

Broken links or broken links can cause search engine algorithms to give a bad image to your website and to your website visitors, therefore it is important for you to check every page on the website, whether it is accessible or not. Fortunately, you don’t need to manually check links, there are several tools and apps that can automatically check URL links, one of which uses a tool provided by Google, namely Google Webmaster Tools. You can simply register your website with the Google webmaster tool and after some time you can see reports about your website in more detail.