Meditation is a relaxation practice that involves emptying the mind of all the interesting, burdensome, or worrisome things in our daily lives. A recent study shows mindfulness meditation has effectiveness in fighting stress and improving quality of life. With guided meditation CD’s, you can find out more about meditation.

Now more and more doctors are not only relying on pharmaceutical drugs to cure their patients, but also complementary therapies such as yoga or meditation. Data in the United States shows 3 percent of patients there to do body and soul balance therapy because of the recommendation of his doctor. In 2007, 38 percent of Americans used alternative and complementary medicine. Body and soul balance therapies, such as yoga or tai-chi that became known since 2002, are now gaining popularity by 75 percent.

After being surveyed, more than 3 percent of people did therapy at the doctor’s recommendation. The study was conducted based on the 2007 National Health Interview Survey of 23,000 households. The survey results show that 6.3 million people use body and soul balance therapy based on doctors’ recommendation and 34.8 percent do so on their own initiative. Groups that follow the doctor’s advice generally have worse health.

The doctors advise patients to do complementary therapies as a last resort when conventional therapies fail. Therefore, we suspect, if complementary therapies were carried out early on, the results may be better. The same trend can also be seen in urban areas in Indonesia. Although not recommended physicians, complementary therapies such as yoga or meditation are now increasingly easy to find, even included in programs in fitness centers.

Such meditation therapy is recommended for patients not to cure illness. “The goal is to reduce the stress of the illness.As stress is reduced, the immune system will increase so that the disease is expected to recover faster.