It cannot be denied, group-heads are created with a “makeshift” design (if ugly design terms are considered too frontal, lol) could potentially disrupt the temperature after the brewing process is over. Also, group-head gets too hot to “damage” the coffee powder to be brewed. So far, the E61 design group head that can keep the hot water circulation constant – from pipes to group heads and back to the heat exchanger – is considered the best choice. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a high-quality espresso machine, we recommend you to check out the Coffee gear spy first.

However, lately, there is a new design that is saturated with group-head (and variations) that can provide far more advantages than regulating temperature stability. This type of group-head is generally associated with a boiler brew so it can drain the heated water from the open neck part to the group. So you can say, group-head which is one of the essential parts of an espresso machine is also an important factor to note as well.

In addition, the design and appearance of the espresso machine, in a way, is the last touch that envelops the appeal of the entire espresso machine. At the same time the first lure to attract the attention of visitors who come to the coffee shop. Just try for example you go into a coffee shop that has Speedster in it, do not you feel wow in the least? If I still, I’ve photographed. Lol. The look of this espresso machine is like aesthetics and at least that will participate branding the coffee shop later.

To conclude, these five are actually just a few of the many factors that must be considered before deciding which espresso machine to buy. Preferably, research first as much as possible about the various espresso machine, find out and read every detail before buying.