Since it was first launched, a misperception about Bitcoin has become a common phenomenon that colored the journey of the virtual currency. It is actually quite understandable because the concept of Bitcoin itself is a new thing that demands to understand in the field of cryptography, economics, as well as information technology. If internet users still need time to digest the definition of Bitcoin and the ins and outs of its use, ordinary people would more difficult to understand the concept of Bitcoin and the technology that supports it. Not infrequently, the inability to understand it even became the greeting of the widely circulated through word of mouth. And even now you can easily get it with best pcie risers for mining. Apart from that, here are some of these myths that are indeed triggered by an important issue, but some are purely evolved from mere assumptions!

1. Bitcoin is a fraud
The notion that Bitcoin is a fraud can be the start of fake Bitcoin investment advertising that claims to give promising returns. In fact, such companies are closely related to money game business that is always detrimental to customers. As a result, clients who are already hurt indiscriminately in viewing the bitter experience. The sentiment towards Bitcoin is a negative thing when the fraud is a company that he trusts himself.

Need to emphasize here, Bitcoin is a digital currency that can indeed be managed into an investment asset. Bitcoin cannot commit a fraud because he is not a body, organization, or company that has a particular interest.

2. Bitcoin is worthless
The nature of Bitcoin as a currency that does not have a physical form is easy to make people underestimate the price. Moreover, the value of Bitcoin is not backed by any asset as in the case of most conventional currencies.

Those who believe in this assumption may forget that in historical records, the first gold and money in circulation can have value only because it is backed by public trust. Without that trust, conventional money would be just a pile of paper and gold just a shiny yellow thing that is worthless.