The garage is an important house for those who own a vehicle. Sometimes people use a garage as a necessity for storing goods or other equipment as well. For that, there are some tips for making a garage safer and more comfortable and for our safety when using or in the garage, especially if the garage is with automatic features. The choice of chain and screw drives can determine the security of the garage itself. However, there also other ways to keep your garage secure, like:

1. Garage arrangement

Make sure the garage is well organized. The arrangement that is careless without being organized properly can cause danger such as tripping or falling in the garage to the person in the garage. After the garage is arranged in an organized way, it not only becomes safe but also looks wider which will make it comfortable to be in the room. There is special furniture for garages such as shelves or cabinets that provide solutions to help ease the storage of equipment or items in your garage.

2. Avoid storing flammable items

Flammable oil is often stored in a garage that can cause the fire to spread quickly out of control. In addition, the remnants of oil, grease, paper and so on scattered on the floor immediately clean and neatly store the remaining oil, oil after using it.

3. Keep the Garage Door Opener from Reach Children

Make sure children don’t have access to the garage door opener when using an automatic door. A child will be addicted to seeing the garage door open and close itself and want to keep pressing the door button. But the risk of accidents can be greater if there are objects or other people around the door, and can also cause severe damage to the door.

4. Do a Routine Check at the Garage Door Section

Routinely inspect parts and parts of garage doors every month. Check moving parts such as rollers, cables, and pulleys for signs of wear. Do not try to move or repair these parts because it can cause more damage or guarantee that the door will be forfeited. We recommend that you call a professional if you know that the part of the garage door has started to malfunction.