In this article, we will cover in a complete SEO study guide: what is SEO, how it works, and what factors affect search. In the virtual world, of course, many terms or abbreviations are very foreign to us. If we go into the world of online marketing, then at least we must understand the important terms that very often appear, namely SEO. Very many people ask about SEO or search engine optimization. to get the best SEO service, you can visit our website and use our SEO Singapore.

When learning SEO, we must know first what SEO is. If you’ve searched for something online, you actually know more about SEO than you think. Think about how it works: You write a word or phrase into a search engine like Google that explains what you’re looking for. Then select the best or most useful search result you think, from the search results page.

But there are some “wishes” in each a search result. Say a search for gadget lovers, the information seeker wants to get the gadget that suits his needs and has complete information. On the other hand, search engines want to provide the best and useful information. While every website about the gadget wants to appear on the first page in search results.

Making all these “wishes” meet each other is a task of SEO. SEO professionals use different strategies to make the website appear top of the search results and make it more likely to click. This will make the website much visited and will certainly make more money coming in. This SEO is often part of the overall online marketing strategy. When we type a keyword in Google, there are many addresses that then appear. Google calculates that there are over 200 different factors to determine the outcome of each search. No one knows all the factors, but there are many conjectures, which means there are many different paths for optimization.