Lots of things around us are naturally purple. There are lavender, eggplant, orchid, and so on, all of which are very identical to purple. When this color is applied to the paint of your room’s decorative walls, this color can symbolize something beautiful and graceful to its owner. In addition, purple buffs tend to be mysterious and dramatic, a blend of personalities that can invite great curiosity. Apart from that, you may call lead paint stripping brisbane if there’s some unhealthy lead-painted fences and walls in your property.


Black may be a color that we often encounter in interior and exterior decoration of homes, but not for paint walls. Black gives a dark and narrow impression on the room. In addition, black can also give the impression that the owner likes extreme things. But if this color is applied only as an ornament, it will certainly produce something sweet and classy. Someone who likes black on the walls of his room tends to be mysterious and does not like to express his thoughts and feelings openly.


White is a color that we often encounter in homes. In addition to giving the impression of spacious and bright in the room, white is also more impressed simple, minimalist, and neutral. White wall paint is suitable to be combined with any kind of furniture.


Have you painted your workspace in orange? If not, maybe you should try it. This is due to the assumption that the orange color can affect the mood and increase your enthusiasm for work. The orange meal takes life’s passion and joy. Someone who likes orange and applies it to room decorative wall paint tends to be sociable, flexible, easy to get along with anyone, easy to adapt, and happy to be the center of attention.

Pink / Pink

When referring to the word pink or pink, it might occur in your mind that this color is only suitable for women or teenage girls. This is because there is still an assumption in the community that pink is the color of women so that men who use pink do not fit in the values in our society. This color basically symbolizes love and affection.