If you look after elderly parents who use wheelchairs, you need a minimum of 1-meter wide door and a hallway that is 1.5 meters wide or more. Maybe now you don’t need it because parents haven’t used a wheelchair yet, but in the future, you will need more space and space if your parents are already using a wheelchair inside the house. Also, note that doorways that are not parallel or multilevel can be a tripping hazard, so it’s better to level them up so that they are parallel to the floor of the house. Aside from that, perhaps you also need to call the most trusted Stairlift Rental company, so you may provide a safe and reliable stairlift which helps your grandparents to move from one floor to another safely and easily.

Safer Bathroom

Ideally, the bathroom has a door that is free to step in and out and there are benches in the bathroom for seating. If building a special bench that attaches to the wall is too expensive, it can be replaced with an ordinary non-slippery bench that is placed in the bathroom. A grab bar is also needed by elderly parents to sit up from the toilet or hold on for or finish bathing.

There is no lever

It is better to install the faucet without the lever on the toilet. This allows the parent to turn on the water by pressing or tapping, rather than having to grip the tap handle.

Be careful with rugs on the floor of the house

If you have a rug, get rid of it immediately if possible; If not, make sure the edges are flat and very safe so there is no potential for falls. If your parents have to live alone – in the house there should be no tapestries on the floor. Reset home furniture so there is plenty of space to move freely.

The easy door to open

If your door has a doorknob, immediately consider exchanging it for the lever model, because it’s easier for parents to open it. If you have a sliding door? It should also be replaced with an ordinary door because it is difficult for parents to open and close the sliding door.