Our world has so many oceans to explore. Typically, the oceans are often used as the implementation of means of transportation in the form of boats and ships. Marine vessels today are still very popular as one of the reliable transportation models for traveling between islands and as a medium of transport in the trade business, both within and outside the country. If you want to feel mactan island hopping by using a yacht, you can visit our website.

Traveling by boat alone is almost equal to the risk of traveling by using other transport. One of the risks that can arise when a person traveling by boat is the appearance of seasickness symptoms.

The seasickness itself is just the same as if you were intoxicated (when traveling by land) and air drunkenness (when traveling by air). Marine seasickness can occur because of the fluid imbalance in our ears in charge of regulating body balance. The condition of the moving vessel will make the sea of the forsaken into moving. So when we look at the deck of the ship, we see as if the ship that we ride only silent in place and not moving. This is what can cause our body balance can become chaotic and cause seasickness.

For those who are used to it, seasickness is not a problem. However, seasickness will be very disturbing for those who are not used to using it, because it can cause the following symptoms:

The head is often dizzy and dizzy
Feeling spinning
The body becomes limp

For those of you who fear the emergence of symptoms of seasickness, you need not worry. Marine seasickness can be prevented even in a very simple way through. Some of the things below you can apply to prevent seasickness. To prevent the emergence of seasickness, there are two phases that can be done, ie before traveling using sea transport, and also prevent seasickness when it is aboard.